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Medical Equipements and Devices

Explore our expansive range of laboratory equipment and reagents designed to empower your organization.


Our comprehensive Medical devices range spans from simple tongue depressors to vitro devices.

Pharmaceutical Drug Products and Supplements

Specializing in importing and distributing top-notch branded and generic pharmaceuticals.

Educational Materials

Your go-to source for comprehensive health-related educational materials. Catering to professionals, medical students, and more.

Laboratory Reagents

Collaborating with dedicated industrial chemical suppliers to fulfill pharmaceutical industry needs.

Excellence in Installation and After Sales Service

Our experienced team is dedicated to delivering top-quality solutions that ensure the reliability and accuracy of your medical equipment. From maintenance and calibration to cutting-edge technology integration, we prioritize excellence at every step.

Designed to meet the highest quality standards, to empower healthcare providers.

our biomedical services empower healthcare providers to deliver superior patient care.

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Discover the Difference in Our Range: Laboratory Reagents,
Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical Products & More!

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Laboratory Equipment

Upgrade your medical facility with our top-notch laboratory equipment, ensuring precision and productivity in every test.

Medical Devices and Supplies

Join the growing number of esteemed clients who rely on us as their trusted medical supplier, benefiting from our wide range of high-quality products

Pharmaceutical Drug Products

 Join our extensive network of satisfied clients who depend on us as their premier source for pharmaceutical drug products

Laboratory Reagents

experience the convenience of accessing a diverse selection of high-quality laboratory reagents that empower your research endeavors

Pharmaceutical Supplements

our premium range of pharmaceutical supplements, carefully curated to promote health and vitality, and enjoy the assurance of quality

Industrial Chemicals

Join our valued clientele who rely on our top-grade industrial chemicals specially tailored for medical applications


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Since partnering with Cellular trading plc we have experienced a significant improvement in the quality of medical furniture and pathology equipment available in our healthcare facility. The durability, precision, and reliability of the equipment supplied by Cellular trading plc have greatly enhanced our

Jimma University Specialized Hospital

Not only have we seen an increase in accuracy when diagnosing and treating patients, but we have also witnessed improved patient outcomes. The high-quality imaging machines and laboratory equipment supplied by Cellular trading plc have revolutionized our diagnostic capabilities, allowing us to identify issues more efficiently and effectively.

Saint Paul’s hospital millennium medical college

The after-sales service and support provided by Cellular trading plc have been exceptional. Any concerns or issues that we have encountered were promptly addressed, minimizing any potential disruptions to our operations. The professionalism and expertise demonstrated by their team have solidified our trust in their commitment to delivering quality medical equipment.

Zewditu Memorial hospital

I am extremely impressed with the quality of medical equipment supplied by Cellular trading plc As a healthcare professional working in a busy hospital, I rely heavily on reliable and accurate equipment to provide the best possible care to my patients. The medical equipment from Cellular trading plc has surpassed my expectations in every way.

Wolaita Sodo University
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Choose us for unparalleled expertise in Laboratory Reagents and Equipments, Medical Devices and Supplies, and Pharmaceutical Drug Products. We're committed to delivering exceptional results, ensuring your needs are met with precision and quality. Trust us to get the job done right. Your success is our priority.


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